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SWOT analysis

The company “Green Up” has strengths that support her desire to achieve success in the market, namely: a competent and dedicated staff, knowledgeable about the market and the products offered, offer additional services that are not competitive, and detailed knowledge of customer needs and precise vision. We are also aware of the weaknesses that may give rise to risks to achieve business objectives, namely: fast moving products, whose storage is limited in time and requires specialized conditions, as well as dependence on external climate and seasonal factors (including the impact on wholesale prices products).

Market opportunities, the use of which may translate into a successful business, a growing number of wealthy clients in the vicinity of Wrocław and the increasingly wider range of competing suppliers of fresh and exotic products, which in turn affects the price of these products, as well as new settlements that arise in the immediate vicinity of the store location. Risks associated with the risk of economic crisis and a decline in demand for services and products “higher-end”.